"Clubs don’t just look beautiful, they swing beautifully also. Check out @persianwoodcraft and give Saeed a follow. He’s a great, guy. Perfecting his craft daily. I now own 3 sets of clubs from him. Persian Meels made by a Persian in Canada. That’s almost as authentic as you can get! Thank you Saeed."

—Mark Robson (Fitness Instructor & Owner of Me First Fitness Gym)

Premium Custom Handcrafted Wood Products

Functional Art with an Ancient Heritage

The ancient persian sport known as Pahlevani is performed in places called “House of Strength” (Zoorkhaneh)

This Ancient Persian Martial Arts Training System has been perfected over hundreds of years in order to develop Functional Strength and Good Character in those who practice it.

Build real functional strength today with the unique equipment used in this ancient martial arts system handmade by PersianWoodcraft and follow in the footsteps of ancient heroic champions and defenders of the homeland!

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Dedicated to Quality

PersianWoodcraft is dedicated to crafting the highest quality handmade exercise equipment based on the ancient Persian Pahlavani / Zurkhaneh sport.

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